My name is Lil’ petey
I am a 1-year old rabbit.



I don’t know if I am a boy a girl now

because my mom took me to fix several months ago.

Btw, Mindy is my mom.

She is going to marry with my dad – Chad- this weekend.

She is pretty excited to see all of her friends coming to the wedding.

and this is my mom when she wore a wig. Isnt she cute?




Aunt Janice said I am a good bunny when she was babysitting me

because I didn’t chew on the cable,

I didn’t chew on the carpet,

and I am always using my toilet to pee.

She said I am a neat boy.

I like to wash my face, and clean my fur all the time.


"Hide and Seek" is my favorite game.

But I dont know why my mom always can find me very easily.

I should look for another place to hide next time....




It is very nice to meet you all.
~the end~

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